Engineering tomorrow's India, today

Danfoss engineers technologies that enable the world of tomorrow to do more with less. Right from the farming hinterlands to the buzzling cities, our solutions are making a difference to people daily.

Danfoss touches the common man across the value chain – from engineering a comfortable environment across buildings, to enabling the Indian farmer to double his income, to delivering energy efficiencies across industries, we aim to rise to ever more complex challenges and, through knowledge and hard work, engineer solutions that achieve more with less.

The Indian landscape is changing rapidly. With close to 40% of our agricultural produce being wasted annually, there is an unprecedented need for food security. We believe, that 2/3rd of India is yet to be built. By 2030, about 41% of the Indian population will be residing in the cities. Also, driven by the government's mandate to ensure energy for all by 2022, there is immense pressure on optimizing energy consumption.

Amidst this transformation, Danfoss India is at the forefront by meeting the growing need for infrastructure, food supply, energy efficiency and climate friendly solutions to help cut-down on energy consumption, reduce carbon footprint, and more importantly, create a better tomorrow for India, today.


By 2030, India's top 5 cities will be economies comparable to middle-income countries today. With 49 metropolitan clusters expected to drive 77% of India's incremental GDP from 2012 to 2025, there is an unprecedented need for a robust and sustainable infrastructure across Indian cities.

At Danfoss we are proud to be a part of engineering smarter ways of building that balance growth with environmental change – and help to build a future based on responsible infrastructure. Right from hospitality and healthcare to future facing mobility, Danfoss solutions have been delivering healthier air, enhanced comfort, superior efficiency and better productivity, from the ground up

District Heating & Cooling - Danfoss heating and cooling technologies allow people to thrive by delivering a comfortable environment, without consuming more energy.

Commercial Buildings - Danfoss HVAC/R solutions manage indoor environments and maintain safe, healthy and comfortable interior ventilation and air conditioning.

Construction - Danfoss mobile hydraulics solutions for off-high- way machinery ensure that the cities of tomorrow's India are built with maximum cost-effectiveness and minimal environmental impact.

Water and wastewater - Danfoss applications minimize energy consumption during water cleaning and wastewater treatment.

Engineering the food supply of tomorrow

With 40% of the Indian agricultural produce being wasted every year, there is significant scope for enhancing the efficiency of the cold chain, and improve energy efficiency.

Better quality food produced with the highest efficiency can feed 1.2 billion people and provide better income for 58% of Indian population – that is the potential for India's food chain. A growing Indian population needs better quality and increased volume in the food supply, which can only be enabled through minimizing the wastage along the food chain.

At Danfoss, our solutions are designed to enhance the productivity of the agricultural produce, right from farm to fork. Our innovative products help optimize the harvest of our farms, enhance efficiency across cold rooms and provide precise temperature controls, make refrigerated transport more efficient and ensure good food is available across supermarkets. That's how Danfoss is part of a sustainable food supply for a growing world. Increasing productivity, eliminating waste and helping us move towards food security for everyone.

Agriculture – Our mobile hydraulics make agricultural machines across farms in India, more efficient and productive

Transport – From farm to fork, our solutions enable refrigerated transport to keep food safe and fresh

Storage – Through precise temperature controls, and enhanced energy efficiency, our solutions make Cold rooms and storages more productive

Processing – Our solutions make all types of food and beverage processing efficient and more productive.

Point of Sale – By providing intelligent solutions for refrigeration, lighting & HVAC our solutions are making retail stores smarter and efficient.

Every tomorrow can be more energy efficient

As India stands poised to become a global economy, every sector is witnessing an unprecedented growth. From future facing airports, to complex data centers to booming industries, every facet of the country is going through a transformation. The next couple of decades will witness a never-before-seen growth across each sector, which will lead to an increase in energy consumption, putting more pressure on the power grids.

This calls for technology and innovation that can help India do more with less. At Danfoss, this is the excellence that we engineer. Our energy efficient solutions help reduce energy consumption considerably across industries and homes alike. Our continued commitment towards renewable sources of energy further helps reduce reliance on coal. At Danfoss, we empower India to realize its potential is a sustainable manner.

Off-road machinery – Our hydraulic solutions deliver enhanced productivity and efficiency across off-highway & agricultural applications

Buildings - Across buildings commercial and residential, Danfoss solutions ensure better thermal comfort, indoor air quality and well-being, while saving on energy.

Manufacturing – Our energy efficient drives optimize performance of the motors across all industries, saving on energy and operating costs.

Energy generation – Our technologies optimize the use of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and biomass.

Cities – Our energy efficient solutions for heating and cooling enable millions to enjoy a higher standard of living while using less energy.

A more sustainable outdoor climate starts indoors

Across our homes, offices, airports, and malls, we constantly seek the perfect climate. Thanks to innovative engineering, achieving greater comfort indoors has now been possible. However, responsible technology is one that also has a positive impact on the climate outdoors. Not just in India, but across the globe, there is a threat of ever-rising global temperature that we need to address. This calls for technology that can enable a comfortable indoor climate, without having a detrimental effect on the outdoor climate.

At Danfoss, our intelligent heating, cooling and ventilation solutions ensure optimal comfort, air quality and temperature always, while keeping energy consumption and CO2 emissions at an absolute minimum. Our future facing technology has enabled our HVAC solutions to perform consistently, even when used with futuristic low GWP refrigerants. To further reduce energy bills, our solutions are able to tap into natural energy sources, such as the heat trapped in the earth. At Danfoss, we see immense potential in engineering climates that are both comfortable and sustainable.

Renewable technology – Our solar inverters and heat pumps capture energy from the sun and absorb heat from the ground, and deliver a 98% conversion from the solar panel to the grid.

Indoor climate – Our intelligent HVAC solutions help engineer smarter homes and commercial buildings of the future. With utmost focus on indoor climate, and enhanced energy efficiency, Danfoss solutions further help minimize the Co2 footprint