India's $915 billion farm-to-fork ecosystem services the needs and rising aspirations of the country's 1.3 billion consumers. The country's rising disposable income is driving the growth of the world's largest consumer market. India needs much more resources to cater to the rising aspirations of its people. Are low agriculture produce processing levels holding back India's potential? Or is the country opening up huge opportunities for specific post-harvest management technology suppliers, cold chain infrastructure and refrigerated transport players to process food produce and for retail chains? Mint and Danfoss come together to capture the state of country's food regulation, safety and retail trade.

May 21 2018. 12 48 PM

Growing crops in sync with market demand can boost farmers' income, while organized supply chain can reduce loss of perishable goods, said experts...

May 09 2018. 10 08 PM

Govt creating infra to reduce food waste, says Harsimrat Badal

The centre is creating the necessary infrastructure and cold chain network to reduce food waste and help farmers realize better value for their produce, food processing minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal said on Wednesday...

May 02 2018. 09 09 PM

Making India's fruit processing industry globally competitive

India is the second largest country in terms of arable land, roughly 160 million hectares. It also ranks second in production of fruits and vegetables. India has 15 agro-climatic zones, which can support most of the fruits...

May 02 2018. 09 00 PM

Food safety policies need to cover the entire chain, from farm to fork

India is one of the leading producers of food globally and there is a lot of potential which can be harnessed to create a safe and healthy food ecosystem in the country. Food safety is critically important for improving public health and...

May 02 2018. 08 17 PM

Organic food market to grow at 20-25%: 24 Mantra Organic CEO

Organic produce is an emerging market in India, clocking a turnover of Rs3,350 crore in 2016, and is expected to treble it by 2020. According to N. Balasubramanian, CEO of 24 Mantra Organic, among the...

Apr 25 2018. 10 04 AM

Food safety needs a collaborative approach

Our country, though agriculturally abundant, is still struggling to provide its large population with the right nutrition. In a few decades, as we continue to grow in numbers and economically, the situation can turn more challenging — if not alarming — if we don't come up with...

Apr 25 2018. 09 50 AM

Can there be a viable value chain for fresh fruits and vegetables?

India has seen large investments in supply chain of apple by way of controlled atmosphere cold stores in which oxygen levels are reduced from about 21% to 2% and temperature maintained at about 0 to 1 degree Celsius...

Apr 25 2018. 09 43 AM

Will food processing boost prices for farmers?

Last month, Premsingh Chavan, a farmer from Maharashtra's Marathwada region, destroyed his ready-to-harvest crop of tomatoes and cauliflowers after wholesale prices dipped so low that it did not cover the cost of transporting the harvest to the...


How an efficient cold chain is the answer to food losses and doubling farmers' income?

Rapid industrialization and growing population are increasingly changing the ecology of the planet. With all the increment in population and development, there are growing concerns of greenhouse gas emissions depleting green cover and causing global...


Highlights from Transformation Agenda 2020: Food

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